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Autumn - September, October and November - are with the spring great months to visit Villalba, Nemi and Rome. Here it is neither too hot nor too cold. Autumn is considerably warmer than in Northern Europe and typically you can sit out and eat lunch and often in the evening also.

In Nemi the Roman tourists comes throughout the year so all the bars and restaurants are open . It gives a nice life in the streets.

It is the season for collecting mushrooms and fresh truffles from the forests around Villalba and these are sold on street corners and markets. It is also season for fresh berries and strawberry. Nemi is especially known for their wild strawberries, which are very small and incredibly tasty . Autumn is also harvest time so that you can experience the collection of the year's grapes and olives .

Rome is ideal to visit in the autumn, when the temperature is very pleasant at this time of year. In summer it can be almost too hot to visit and enjoy Rome because of the high temperatures.

All sports are ideal to practice in autumn.

The swimming pool in Villalba is typically only closed during November, when the water temperature is below 20 degrees. September and most of October, however, are like Northern Europe summer and the pool is open and pleasant.


The following events take place in the autumn months:

▪ Antique market : from mid-September to mid- October, antique market in Via dei Coronari in Rome.
▪ Vino Novello : late November there is wine tasting at Campo de 'Fiori in Rome.
▪ Chestnut festival in the Castelli Romani.