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The tours from Villalba are almost unlimited. Beneath we will describe the best tours we have tried. If you have any suggestions to any other tour you have been on, feel free to contact us on the top right of the page.
We will put your suggestion on this page.


Rome is only 35 km north from Villalba, it is easiest reached by car. It is completely impossible to write about Rome, there are just too many things to say. Instead read the book “turen går til Rom” / “the trip goes to Rome” you can find this book in the house.


Vesuvius (Italian: Monte Vesuvio) is a volcano near Naples. Vesuvius is 1.281 meters tall. In our opinion Vesuvius is one of the most exciting volcanoes to see in Italy. It is really beautiful. If you are in the area of Naples we highly recommend you go see the volcano.


Pompeii was a roman city southeast of Naples and southeast of Veusvius. It is a very old city with many older houses, churches etc. Pompeii is for sure a city you should visit if you like Italian history. It is truly a unique experience to see the old bodies that are there. 


The Amalfi coast south of Naples on the Sorrento peninsula is the most amazing place in Campania. On the northern part of the Sorrento peninsula in the Naples bay you will find fantastic flat beaches and on the Amalfi coast on the southern part you will find big cliffs and rock formations. It is very beautiful! Take a stroll through the many charming villages and port cities. They are also known for their delicious fish and good wine.


Naples is the biggest city in Southern Italy and it is the capital in the region of Campania. The population of the city is about 1 million. The city is not far away from the volcano Vesuvius. Naples is an amazing city and it offers many great things.


ZooMarine is an amusement park with dolphins, sea lions, water slides etc. Information can be found here:


Fantastic caves half way between Villalba and Naples. More information can be found here:


Ponza is an amazing island. The island has many small towns; the biggest one is Ponza Porto, it is the bay of the island. It is a unique island and one of the most beautiful places in entire Italy.


A trip to the Albano Lake is also a great way to spend an afternoon. It takes about 15 minutes to drive there and they have a great and cozy beach and you can even rent pedal boats there.
You will also be able to see the Pope's vacation home from the lake.