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The worlds best food?

We can’t say if you get the best food in the area around Villalba – but our children definitely think so! We have not yet succeeded in visiting all the restaurants after 20 years in Nemi and the surrounding area. Beneath you can see our favorites. 


Restaurants in Nemi and Castelli Romani

Il Faro
Via Nemorense 14, 00040 Nemi
Tel. 06-93659032

This is the closest restaurant from Villalba and can be reached in 5 min walk. They serve the best pizza's in town, but they also have a full kitchen of pasta, fish and meat.

Da Titto
Via Fratelli Cervi, 1, 00045 Genzano
Tel. 06 939 8450

A fantastic trattoria with great food, hectic and fun service, amazing view, it is possible to sit outside and you can even see Villalba from here. The prices are reasonable and there are many local guests. If you need quiet and peace it is not the place to go.

Specchio di Diana
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 13, 00040 Nemi
Tel. 06 936 8805

Is a really good restaurant with a great variety of different dishes. Their risotto alla marinara is really good.

Pizza Amore e Fantasia, 
Corso Vittorio Emanuele n.47, 00040 Nemi
Tel. 06-9368652

Not really a restaurant but more take away pizza. It is quick and tastes great.


Santi e Briganti
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 6 - 00040 Nemi
Tel: 06 / 93 68 119

Nice little restaurant in the centre of Nemi. The property is on three floors with terraces overlooking the lake with a breathtaking view. 

Sirena del Lago
Via del Plebiscito 26, 00040 Nemi
Tel. 06-9368020

Giorgio runs the restaurant with his three nephews. Here you get the “worlds best" spaghetti al’sugo and spaghetti carbonara. The restaurant does not look like much, but the food and the view is outstanding.

Antichi Sapori
Via dei Laghi 2, 00040 Nemi
Tel. 06-9368777


Traditional roman mountain food.

La Foresta
Via dei Laghi, Km 12.00, 00040 Rocca di Papa
Tel. 06 9474 9392

It is probably the “finest” restaurant in the area - you may dress neatly. The prices are though okay reasonable. They grill meat dishes such as baby lamb and beef. They have a large variety of good wines.

Osteria Dal Brigante Gasperone
Via Borgo, San Rocco 7, Ariccia
Tel. +39 06 933 3100


A fantastic little osteria in Ariccia close to Villalba. Order their antipasto and you don't need more.


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