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Summer - June, July and August - are the peak season in Villalba. Especially July and August can be very hot with temperatures well over 30 degrees. In turn, the evenings are very pleasant and the temperature is rarely below 20 degrees .

Summer is the season for regular use of the pool and lunch under the large awning on the terrace in front of Villalba . Dinners are also enjoyed outside with the night sky and the stars as a background.

The beaches around Villalba becomes more crowded, especially on weekends and throughout August where Italians have their holidays .

Rome is very hot to visit in the summer - especially in August . However, you have " Rome for yourself “ in August, as most Romans are gone on vacation here . Summer evenings are entirely splendid and full of life around the squares and along the Tiber river.

All sports are ideal to practice in the summer - especially water sports.

The swimming pool in Villalba is nice and warm and can be enjoyed around the clock.


The following events take place in the summer:

▪ Flower Festival in Genzano.
▪ Strawberry Fest in Nemi.
▪ Opera in Terme di Caracalla in Rome: outdoor performance under the open sky in the old Roman baths.
▪ Dolce Vita Jazz Festival takes place at Palma Club and the Auditorium Parco with participants from all over the world.
▪ Ferragosto : large summer festival which is celebrated all over Italy - the hottest day of the year!