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Winter - December, January and February - is seriously underestimated. The weather may still be mild with daytime temperature of 15 degrees. Many days you can still sit outside and eat lunch. Snow and frost are rare in Villalba and region.

In Nemi the Roman tourists come even in winter, so all the bars and restaurants are open.

December is particularly nice in Nemi and Rome when you have all the Christmas markets and nativity scenes everywhere. The big Christmas market in Piazza Navona is a must-see.

Most sports is still possible to practice in the winter as it is mild and frost-free. On the beach there are still many kite surfers even in winter. At the same time you can practice downhill ski less than 1.5 hours from Villalba into the mountains.


The following events take place during the winter months:

▪ Christmas: midnight mass in most churches, Christmas Day where the Pope blesses at St. Peter's Square.
▪ New Year: big party with music and fireworks.
▪ Befana (6 January): big party where the witches are celebrated.